Celestial DSLR Photography & Sky Phenomena - TALK

'Celestial DSLR Photography & Sky Phenomena' is the second talk I've ever gave in my life and the very first presentation I done at OM Dark Sky Park & Observatory during 2022. This presentation is aimed at beginners who perhaps own a bridge camera or DSLR but who feel overwhelmed by the various functions and menus yet just want to learn how to take their own images of the night sky. This extensive talk covers the basics on what you need to know and provides a solid foundation for starting your own passion for Astrophotography. Not only are the camera and technical basics covered but I also provide a detailed overview on a wide range of sky phenomena that you can shoot with your own camera and obtain spectacular results. The talk covers the following subjects...


* Storms and Stars - how influence from may next door neighbour inspired me to get my first camera

* Camera types - bridge cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless

* A solid foundation - tripods

* Tripod heads vs ball mounts

* Getting focused on infinity - focusing tips

* Astro camera settings - manual control, aperture, shutter, ISO & white balance

* Reducing camera vibrations

* Understanding lenses - focal length and focal ratio

* Light painting - man made vs nature - head torches and moonlight

* Dew removal tips

Celestial Subjects To Shoot

* Constellations and bright deep sky objects

* Man made subjects - International space station and Iridium flares

* Moon and planet conjunctions

* Aurora Borealis - observing tips, advise, and suitable lens choices and settings

* Noctilucent Clouds - formation, observing advise, brief history and lens choices

* Milky Way - observing advise and lens choices

* Star trails - composition, how to find the north star 'Polaris', stacking software suggestions

* Atmospheric Optics - solar and lunar halos, dogs and arcs

* Great Comets

* Long exposure skills will serve you well, eg: night thunderstorms and moonbows

* Connecting with nature - philosophy and basic preparations

* Image slide show

This is a short sample video to give you an idea of what to expect, the full video is 1 hour 44 minutes in duration. It features many annotated images, many of which are my own captured from Northern Ireland. The presentation ends with a short slide show. The full video is 1080p HD and available to watch via youtube only.

Interested in watching? - email me at martinastro2005@hotmail.co.uk. I accept payments via paypal or bank transfer. Once payment has been received I will link you up to the full version. Thanks very much for your support and I hope you enjoy the talk.



Martin McKenna

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