March 13th 2013 located on the Co. Antrim coast at dusk with the camera and tripod set up near a picnic table above White Rocks beach as the ocean gently rumbled below. My Mother and my dog Rua were with me this night in the hope of seeing bright comet C/2011 L4 Pan-STARRS which was located to the lower right of the moon, despite a wonderful clear sky dark lines of cumulus cloud hid the comet from view, I glimpsed it once in the binoculars however cloud engulfed the comet before I could get the camera moved. Despite this I still got periodic observations of the absolutely beautiful crescent moon complete with bright earthshine, you can see the dark maria very clearly within the earthshine and the crescent itself is boasting quite a few high contrast sunlit features with crater and mountain edges visible on the terminator. Taken with a telephoto lens at 400mm, read the report for more information. * All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.