The April 25th 2013 partial lunar eclipse captured from the top of Glenshane Pass outside Maghera using a Canon 100-400mm lens at 400mm and slightly cropped. A trying session on the mountain with a strong cold wind blowing across the hills and a shower soaking me and the camera as I was shooting this, the moon played hide and seek behind clouds however I eventually got it. The view was nice with the naked eye and wonderful through the viewfinder with the golden lunar disk complete with 'umbra' or Earth's shadow visible to the upper left. Very delighted to have seen this partial umbral eclipse as I was quite taken back with how obvious it was and by just how much of the lunar disk was covered, well worth the drive up the mountain, dealing with the cold wind, and missing my favourite television programme, however nature always gets top priority! * All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.