I'm chasing a severe thunderstorm outbreak across N. Ireland on May 9th 2011 and I'm in the process of getting engulfed by a huge thunderstorm which is raging across Glenshane Pass and heading for my home town of Maghera. From my position on the shoulder I watched with awe as the storm's massive shelf cloud passed overhead with well defined whale's mouth structure then the sky turned very dark with rain, hail and roaring thunder as cold outflow winds rushed across the road turning Spring to Winter in an instant, you can see this tree bending forward as the wind fanned downward and out across the countryside forming a new trigger which would develop more convection and hence storms which would move in later, read the report for more information. * All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.