A Guide To Convective Clouds & Storm Structure - TALK

'A Guide To Convective Clouds & Storm Structure' is the first time I've ever talked about my passion for storms within the setting of a public presentation. This talk was recorded during the Spring of 2023 at OM Dark Sky Park & Observatory, as far as I'm aware it's the only public talk on convective storms within N. Ireland. It seems that many people enjoy watching storms and capturing dramatic skyscapes on camera to share on social media, however based on the messages I receive they often don't know what they have captured or understand the processes which cause the phenomena. This talk is an introduction to the subject and will help you develop a solid foundation to identify convective clouds, understand storm structure and its severe weather potential and to be better equipped to know when to keep your camera close to hand to catch that dramatic moment. The talk covers the following subjects....

* Stars To Storms - My Story

* July 16th 2007 first storm chase in a car

* July 17th 2007 big funnel cloud which changed my life forever

* Ingredients for convective storms

* Cloud spotting - the birth of a thunderstorm - from Cumulus Humilis to the mighty Cumulonimbus

* Life cycle of a thunderstorm

* Wind shear and storm modes - single cells, multicells and supercells

* Storm Modes and how they appear on radar

* Definition of a severe thunderstorm

* Visual clues of storm severity

* Storm structure - flanking line, rain free base, shelf cloud, whale's mouth, mammatus and funnel clouds

* Irish tornadoes, TORRO intensity scale

* Tornadoes & waterspouts

* Warm season and cold season Irish tornadoes

* Tornado/funnel cloud mechanisms - convergence zones, wind shear and where to look

* Image slide show


This is a short sample video to give you an idea of what to expect, the full video is 1 hour 21 minutes in duration. It features many annotated images, many of which are my own captured from Northern Ireland. The presentation ends with a short time lapse show and a question and answer session. The full video is 1080p HD and available to watch via youtube only.

Interested in watching? - email me at martinastro2005@hotmail.co.uk. I accept payments via paypal or bank transfer. Once payment has been received I will link you up to the full version. Thanks very much for your support and I hope you enjoy the talk.



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