Made my third observation of C/2006 P1 Mc Naught this evening (Jan 12th) at 16.20 UT when the sun was only a few degrees below the horizon (comet 9 degrees from sun). The sky was VERY bright with Venus visible to the naked eye (comet was not) however the trans was very poor with much moisture in the air causing the background sky to adopt a white colour rather than blue. Having said that I found Mc Naught easily with 10X50mm binoculars approx 16 degrees west of Venus. The coma was a small golden - orange disk and highly condensed with a short white stubby tail curving to the NW for 10'. I had it in view for 5 min's before the clouds obscured the view. Image is very poor however you can just make out the comet and a hint of tail despite being so close to the sun. Comet Mc Naught was only one day from perihelion! (closest point to the sun in its orbit).

Mag: - 2.5 Dia: 3' D.C: 9

Martin Mc kenna, Maghera, N. Ireland READ REPORT