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Atmospheric Phenomena

The play of sunlight and moonlight on ice crystals, water droplets, and dust particles. The sudden formation of Sun pillars, haloes, tangent arcs, sundogs, parhelic circles and rainbows can range from common, to once in a life time eye catching apparitions. Do not miss them!. If you have camera handy then all the better. These displays are so photogenic. Watch out for daylight atmospheric displays when the sky is hazy with cirrus clouds. Hold your hand in front of you to cover the Sun's glare and be prepared to be impressed. At night these light displays can be seen in the same manner only this time it's the Moon's strong light which is the cause. Once seen never forgotten.


Sundog Gallery

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Complex Sun / Moon Halo Gallery

Complex Sun & Moon Halos


Circumzenithal Arc Gallery

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Sun / Moon Pillar Gallery

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Rain Bow / Moon Bow Gallery

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Lunar Corona Gallery

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